Tom + Zara's Travels

Highway12. The most amazing drive so far.

Airbnb…Airstream style.

The most wonderful national Park in USA.

Another Airbnb. This time a beautiful log cabin in Duck Valley Creek in Utah after a day in Zion National Park. Lots of Deer and Prairie Dogs, no bears. 

3 nights of total relaxation…and mum not sharing Pac Man.

The journey to Page continued….

We found a number of Native Indian stalls by the side of the roads in our exit from the Grand Canyon National Park so we jumped out of the explorer and indulged in some retail therapy.

Those that know me well will know that I was in my element surrounded by dream catchers, feathers, suede, tassels and hand made jewellery (by the Apache tribes). We each bought a few things then continued on with our journey to Page and ended the day as we started - this time with a sunset over Lake Powell which we were able to watch from the balcony of our room.

Waking up at 5:30am seemed like a drag at the time……but watching the sun rise over the South rim of the Grand Canyon from Mathers point was so beautiful the early wake up call was worth it.

Grand Canyon Panoramics

Driving along the Eastern rim of the Grand Canyon towards Page. So many unexpected stunning views .

Sunrise over the Grand Canyon